Magdalene Perfume – Vintage 2022 16ml

Magdalene Perfume – Vintage 2022 16ml


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- 16ml bottle w/ spray cap

- Limited to edition of 250

MAGDALENE, a geometric blend of holistic ingredients, a perfume created by FKA twigs 

FKA twigs was captivated by the historical portrayal of perfume maker Mary Magdalene. Depicted as a social pariah and often misrepresented by male storytellers in the New Testament, twigs set about rewriting the Magdalene narrative, exploring patriarchal oppression and sexual liberation through music and creativity.

In her exploration of clarity and self-love, she too became a perfumer, embarking organically on the process.

MAGDALENE is the embodiment of the virgin and the whore. A tangible and alchemical journey, painstakingly crafted by twigs and bewitching natural perfumer Christi Meshell (founder of House of Matriarchy) in Seattle over a five-year span. 

Dedicated to creating more than just a Perfume, MAGDALENE is a timeless arrangement of layered, ancient anointments with a spirit of its own. Powerful, magical, sensual. 

Spurred by curiosity, twigs pays homage to her muse and five-year journey with five key holistic essences: rose, spikenard, balsam, wood and incense, creating a complete sensory experience.

Conceived in Los Angeles, CA. Hand made in Seattle, WA USA


ROSE (yin)
A pure and delicate essential oil. Rose otto is refined in France, using the boutique distillation of flower petals. It extracts rare and sacred healing properties that nourish the soul. 


The rich and invigorating scent of spikenard originates from the Himalayas of Nepal. Now deemed a ritualistic and expensive commodity, the aromatic oil is said to have been used by Mary Magdalene herself.

BALSAM (yin)

A sweet and fragrant infusion of myrrh cistus, opoponax and copaiba that cools the skin and allows you to breathe deeper. Derived from ancient alchemy, balsams are said to conjure a deeper spiritual connection and feeling of comfort. 

WOOD (yang)

The carefully selected blend of sandalwood, cedar and oud adds a natural, smoky texture.


The rousing fresh fragrance of olibanum and copal are often burned in Christian places of worship and are said to stimulate sharp changes in consciousness once inhaled.

Ingredients:  Blended essential oils, organic grape spirits, rosewater. 

Allergens: Vegan, halal, gluten and cruelty free.